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OUR Benefits

Increased Air Filter Efficiency
Did you know a new air filter is less efficient than one cleaned by the McWINN™ process? After an air filter is cleaned using the McWINN™ process its ability to retain smaller airborne particles is increased – what does this mean for you? Less particles being released into the engine = less repairs = lower costs!

Environmentally Friendly
Each year thousands of air filters are sent to landfills needlessly, contributing to pollution and waste.  McWinn’s patented process allows you to clean and reuse your filters up to an average of 8 to 10 times!  And because it uses no water and no chemicals, it is even better for the environment!

Why Pay More?
McWinn’s air filter cleaning cost is about half the cost of a new filter and is 98% efficient. And when you clean with McWinn, your filters can be cleaned an average of 8-10 times before replacement is needed, passing on a substantial cost savings to you!


McWINN™ has been providing air filter cleaning services for over 25 years! Our processes and equipment have been developed, innovated, maintained and improved during this time period. We challenge all our customers to bring us your works air filter and let us show you firsthand how good we are and how well our system works!

Our Warranty

The McWinn system is guaranteed safe.  Our warranty is equal to factory warranties.

Our Process

McWinn's process involves an air cleaning method, as compared to a standard wet cleaning method. Wet washing an air filter element will reduce the effectiveness of the filter by up to 50%.  A second wet wash can reduce the filter’s effectiveness by an additional 50%, leaving the original filter with only 25% life as compared with a new filter element.

McWinn’s patented dry cleaning process is 98% efficient, breathing longer life into your filters without compromising quality!

Our Capacity

We serve both large and small organizations. Our systems have been purchased as entrepreneurial start-ups as well as internal cost saving solutions. Industries that we serve include:

  • Mining sector
  • Oil and gas sector (large, international companies)
  • Forestry sector (sawmill equipment)
  • Agriculture sector
  • Military
  • Dust/Fume collection
  • Blowers and turbines
  • And several others.


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